Hi, My name is Agata.


About me

About me

I started my adventure with programming when I was 12 years old. I dealt with the graphic design on internet forums. I could spend long hours staring at the code, choosing the right colors, fonts and details. I was doing it purely as a hobby, and to be honest at the time, I didn't think a career in programming was possible for me. I had a vision of many professions before me, such as a tattoo artist, vet or dentist, and I was wading towards them. I devoted far too much time to the goal, not to what I really enjoyed, but I think nothing happens without a reason. How my path to the place where I am today looked like made me aware and "who i am" a lot.
Finally, I feel like I'm in the right place and I'm developing in a field that really interests me.

If you want to know anything about more, ask me. Contact me is at the bottom of this page.

More about my education


In 2020, I started studying at the Software Development Academy on the FullStack Java developer course. It was then that I began to grasp the basics of programming and develop myself in programming. I decided that Frontend gives me more pleasure than pure Java, and despite the ongoing course, I started to develop more in this direction. Below is a list of some of the skills I have learned.







Bootstrap 4/5

DOM Manipulation

Web Design

Design patterns









More about my projects

My Job Experience

01 / 2022 - 06 / 2022


10 / 2020 - 06 / 2021

Excellent Office

08 / 2019 - 10 / 2019

Old Town Brewery Jan Olbracht

04 / 2018 - 05 / 2018

Krowarzywa Vegan Burger

09 / 2017 - 02 / 2018

Tattoo shop Intruz Ink


03 / 2018 - 09 / 2019

Otwarte Klatki Animal Charity

09 / 2014 - 10 / 2016

Animal Shelter in Torun



My hobbies


Ever since I can remember, I've loved drawing. As a little girl, I used to scribble everything I could (seriously). My passion has developed over many years from drawing, through various types of paints and other artistic materials, to digital art, which I started to develop this year. for some time I studied the art of tattooing, which also contributed to my sense of aesthetics and taught me the correct composition in various forms. I think that I still miss a lot of Michelangelo or Picasso, but for sure it is one of my favorite forms of self-expression.

I have already mentioned that programming was my passion but what was developing at the same time was writing. I've always had a vivid imagination full of ideas (and fortunately there are still quite a few of them). I loved creating amazing stories of imaginary characters, plots on which you could build a pretty good movie and describe their everyday life in far too long essays. I thought about writing a book many times, but in the end I used the opportunities provided by PBF (play by forum) forums to create long stories together with other people. By the way, it was thanks to these people that I started designing websites and I gained the courage to show my works to others. I learned to accept constructive criticism and correct the mistakes pointed out.


Stay in Touch!

Thank you for your time reviewing my website. If you think that my skills and character correspond to the conditions prevailing in the company, I will be very glad if you contact one of the indicated forms. In addition, I will be grateful for every tip for improving my website, as I wrote earlier, I am at the beginning of my path with programming, so any comments on improving the code will be a valuable lesson.
Have a nice day!